Pierre Paulin

Cloé Pitiot

Éditions du Centre Pompidou

A reference book on Pierre Paulin and design.

French designer of international reputation, Pierre Paulin (1927-2009), is creator of the Elysée furniture under Georges Pompidou and François Mitterrand and has greatly influenced the art scene.

Exhibition at the Centre Pompidou from May, 11th 2016

Under the direction of Cloe Pitiot, the book revolves around the key themes and stages of work of Pierre Paulin: the blue colour, the future, the institutional orders,
the materials.

His environments, his pieces of furniture, his industrial objects, are always put in service of the body, offering comfort. Essays of specialists of the subject and free texts of Paulin’s acquaintances, such as Carolyn Carlson, shed new light on the designer’s work. A vintage graphical design, tuned with the era, has been imagined to put the reader in the inspiring time of
the 60s.

Pierre Paulin Catalogue exposition centre pompidou