André Monpoix Portrait

André Monpoix

1925 - 1976

A gifted artist, he graduated from the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in 1949 and joined René Gabriel’s atelier where he stayed until 1950. He joined Jacques Dumond in 1951. After exhibiting at Les Arts Ménagers in 1951, he opened his agency in 1952. In 1955 he joined the Meubles TV adventure with Robert Vecchione and his old friend Alain Richard. He remained a faithful Meubles TV producer until the 1960s. Monpoix was awarded several projects with Mobilier National in 1967 and worked with Negroni designing a collection in Douglas fir and another in white laminate. In 1971, he designed the interior of the new buildings for the Ministry of Social Affairs in Paris. His early death at the age of 51 unfortunately marked the end of the promising career of one of the most creative designers of an entire generation.


1958 / Gold medal at the Brussels World Fair (French pavilion)
1962 / René Gabriel Award
1963 / Interior designer of the Salon des Aristes Décorateurs with Pierre Paulin and Jeanne Couturier
1967 / Interior design of the Grenoble Maison de la Culture Grenoble with Alain Richard

André Monpoix Portrait
Chambre à coucher d'André Monpoix pour Meubles T.V.
RICHARD MONPOIX catalogue Meubles TV