André SIMARD portrait

André Simard

1926 - 2021

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Comrade of promotion at the School of Decorative Arts of Pierre Guariche, Alain Richard and André Monpoix, André Simard benefits from the teachings of Jacques Dumont and René Gabriel, with whom he will do an internship after obtaining his diploma in 1949. Working successively for Jacques Hauville and Jacques Dumont, he was approached during exhibitions in his own name at the Salon des Arts Ménagers and at the Paris Fair, by his first publishers: Airborne, Meubles TV, Disderot and Bobois.

The latter will place Simard at the head of its planning department, entrusting it with the installations and organization of its points of sale, a line of furniture, a few special series, as well as the production of its catalog. He will be one of the first to offer his services in graphic design, in particular for the specialized magazine Meubles et Décors. Interested very early in the question of form and materials, Simard quickly made special orders for interior fittings. In 1959, he received the prestigious René Gabriel prize. Free electron of his time, André Simard places his modernity in a family tradition: woodworking. From 1953, a factory belonging to its cousins, Etablissements Simard, produced some of these most beautiful models.


1949 / Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, promotion René Prou
Réalise avec Louis Bruillard le graphisme de la revue Meubles et Décors
1953 / Dessine plusieurs modèles pour les établissements Simard et Meubles TV
1953 / Expose ses créations dans les salons parisiens tels Les Arts Ménagers section Foyer d'Aujourd'hui et La Foire de Paris
Chambre de jeune homme - Salon des Arts Ménagers
1954 / décorateur d'intérieur - pavillon en Ile de France
1956 / Participation à la Première Triennale d'Art Français Contemporain

1957 / Edité par Airborne et Lavrilleux
Enseigne à l'ESAG de Penninghen
Gamme mobilière dessinée avec Alain Richards pour Lavrilleux
1976 / Collaboration avec Pierre Paulin pour Roche et Bobois

- catalogues commerciaux Bobois d'aujourd'hui - Roche Bobois
- mises en page du magazine spécialisée Meubles et Décors
André SIMARD portrait