Pierre GUARICHE portrait

Pierre Guariche

1926 - 1995

Probably one of the best known French designers thanks to his range of lights for Pierre Disderot. He was taught by René Gabriel at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs and, after graduating in 1949, worked with Marcel Gascoin at his ARHEC agency. He took part in the “La Cité Modèle” exhibition in 1954, where he presented his first chairs. He designed models for Airborne, Charron, Galerie MAI, Les Huchers Minvielle, Meubles TV and Steiner. He opened his agency in 1952, then founded ARP with Joseph-André Motte and Michel Mortier (1954 – 1957) to enter the Centre Technique du Bois competition in 1955. A talented interior designer, he was awarded major projects which led to the dissolution of ARP in 1957. He was contracted many times by Mobilier National.


- 1st and 2nd prize at the Centre Technique du Bois competition – (1955)
- Silver medal at the 11th Triennale di Milano with ARP (1957)
- Creative Director at Meurop (1957)
- Bronze medal (1957), silver medal (1959) and gold medal from the Société d'Encouragement à l'Art et à l'Industrie
- René Gabriel Award (1965)
- Interior design (offices, boutiques, administrative and commercial premises)
- Was involved in the design of La Plagne ski resort, interior design of Firminy Hospital
Pierre GUARICHE portrait
Catalogue Huchers Minvielle 1961
GUARICHE chaises 4 faces
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GUARICHE lampadaire G23 mode
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