Alain RICHARD portrait

Alain Richard

1926 - 2017

Having studied under René Gabriel, he graduated valedictorian from ENSAD in 1949 and opened his agency in 1952. He met Robert Vecchione at Meubles TV in 1954 and became the producer’s star designer with the 800 series in 1958. He produced plastic home furniture designed by Schein and Coulon at the Salon des Arts Ménagers in 1956. He joined the Espacegroup founded by André Bloc and took part in Groupe IV with Caillette, Dangles and Motte before designing a range of innovative lighting for Pierre Disderot. He was one of the very first to have a graphic design department at his agency. His prizes and recognition opened the doors to important public projects, with Mobilier National for example. After his design work, he taught at ENSAD with his wife Jacqueline Iribe. He is one of the era’s most radical and most artistically precise designers in France. His agency employed up to 40 people and had a broad scope, even working on RER train stations.


1954 / Grand Prize at the Triennale di Milano for his chair produced by Meubles TV
1958 / Grand Prize - Brussels World Fair
1960 / Gold Medal - Deutsche Handwerks Messe in Munich
1964 / René Gabriel Award

Interior design projects : Orly airport, Crédit Agricole, Banque de France, RATP, Hauts-de-Seine Prefecture, French Embassy in Moscow; Crown Courts at Nanterre and at Annecy, Musée du Petit Palais in Avignon, Ministry of Water and Energy in Gabon and the State Bank in Cameroon.
Alain RICHARD portrait
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