Jacques BINY portrait

Jacques Biny

1913 - 1976

After graduating from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, he moved to Valence where he designed lights and worked on interior design projects. In 1953, he founded his own company producing modern lighting devices, Luminalite, using new materials such as Plexiglas and metal. He also produced models by Michel Buffet, Louis Baillon and Jean-Boris Lacroix. A pioneer of modern lighting as early as the 1950s, he continued to design a very sophisticated range of models for the home and, in the 1960s, for local authorities.

He published a few specialised articles such as “A reflection on the use of light in interiors”,

He regularly exhibited in the best French exhibitions for home interiors and interior design. 


Industry recognition

- Active member of the Société des Artistes décorateurs (Society of decorative artists)
- Member of the C.A.I.M (Créateurs d’Architecture Intérieure et de Modèles – Interior Designers and Model makers)
- Member of the Institut Français d’Esthétique Industrielle (French Institute of Industrial Design)
- Member of the Association Française de l’Eclairage (the French Lighting Association)
- Member of the Société d’Encouragement à l’Art et à l’industrie. (The Association for the advancement of Arts and Industry)
- Bronze medal of the Société d’Encouragement à l’Art et à l’Industrie

1960 / Equip’Hotel Bronze medal
1957 / Chosen to exhibit his work at the Milan Triennial Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Modern Architecture.
Chosen to exhibit his work in international exhibitions in the Netherlands and Germany
1953 -1964 & 1968 - 1969 / Showcased in the Formes Utiles exhibition
1961 / Second Prize, Mazda competition, the Equip’Hotel international hospitality trade fair
1971 / First prize, EDF competition, the Equip’Hotel international hospitality trade fair
Jacques BINY portrait
Stand Luminalite, Salon des Arts Ménagers 1959
Photo d'archive
Photo d'archive lampe 238 de Jacques Biny, fond Collas
Photo d'archive lampe 231 de Jacques Biny