Claude Gaillard

1932 - ?


1950: Following his general and secondary education, he opted for technical training. He attended the Logelain School of Painting and Decoration in Brussels for a year, graduating top of his class.

1951-1952: He began designing furniture at the Centre Nationale des Ateliers éducatifs du Claires in Chevreuse. He helps to set up a company to distribute the furniture he creates.

1954-1955: He joins the Gascoin design office.

1955-1956: Attempts to become independent by setting up a design office and working with the M.A.I. gallery on rue Bonaparte.

1957 : Wins the bronze medal from the Société d'Encouragement aux Artiste de l'Industrie.

1958: Works as a draughtsman for D.M.U., designing the Saint-Robin head office building in Neuilly.

1959: He is aesthetics director and creates the complete collection: furniture, seats, accessories for the company D.M.I. and participates in the realisation of all the projects handled by this firm.

1960: Takes part in the Milan Triennale.
He designed the furniture for the project to decorate and fit out the Administration Building and the Ivory Coast government residence.

1964: He created the Claude GAILLARD company - Design and production office - Interior architecture - Industrial aesthetics.
The Société d'Encouragement aux Arts de l'Industrie awards him a gold medal.

1968: Industrial Beauty Label from the Institute of Industrial Aesthetics.

1969: Designs office furniture for Forges de Strasbourg

1970: Interior design for the CB 16 EDF tower at La Défense.

1971: Label Beauté Industrie from the Institut d'Esthétique Industrielle Office furniture for Forges de Strasbourg