Geneviève Dangles & Christian Defrance

They met while studying at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in 1946, and became the emblematic couple of this generation of designers. They did their apprenticeships at André Arbus and Marcel Gascoin. Geneviève Dangles and Christian Defrance are known for their furniture lines for children, produced by ABC and more importantly for their range of beautiful chairs produced by Burov, from 1955. Geneviève Dangles wrote many articles, reviews and analyses about different interior design issues for Maison Française magazine. Still today, they represent an excellent source of information. While working at the Marcel Gascoin agency, in 1950 she founded Groupe IV at Charron with Alain Richard, René Jean Caillette and Joseph André Motte. The couple opened their agency in 1953 and worked on a large number of interior design projects.

Importants projects :
Primary schools in Sedan and Annecy -1954
U.A.T. (airline) head office in Paris, offices in Le Bourget and Dakar
Interior design of planes for the airline Sud Aviation – 1960
Interior design of caravelle planes – Portugal – 1962


1954 / Ecoles Maternelle à Sedan et Annecy -1954
1960 / U.A.T. (Compagnie aérienne) siège social de Paris, du Bourget et de Dakar - Aménagement intérieur des avions de la compagnie Sud Aviation
1962 / Aménagement des caravelles (transports aériens) Portugal
Dangles et Meulien Salon des Arts Ménagers 1953
Publicité Burov 1956
Aménagement de Bureau par Dangles et Defrance, 1958
Dangles et Defrance, décorateurs, 1958
Dangles et Defrance, décorateurs, 1958
Tables Basses, 1958
Nacelle en Rotin, Dangles et Defrance 1960
Chambre à coucher par Dangles et Defrance, 1963
Dangles et Defrance, 1959
Genevieve Dangles, chambre d'enfant 1955
Publicité Burov 1959, salon 62
Genevieve Dangles et Christian Defrance, Salon des Arts Ménagers