Robert Mathieu, Rational lighting

Pascal Cuisinier

Editions Pascal Cuisinier / Silvana Editoriale

Now available at the Galerie Pascal Cuisinier, to order contact us at [email protected]
Public commercial launching : February 14, 2023

Book price : €90

Published after a very successful double retrospective show for the centenary of designer Robert Mathieu, this book is the occasion to present fifteen years of research on this artist who was passionate by avant-garde shapes and materials such as lacquered metal or plexiglas.

Until now less famous than Guariche, Motte or Paulin of which gallery Pascal Cuisinier specialized, Robert Mathieu is none of the less the artist who embodied the decorative arts s‘radicality of the 1950’s and the 1960’s. Thanks to the designer’s son support, Didier Mathieu, this book presents a fully look on the work and the creative background of his time.

Enriched by Pascal Cuisinier’s collection which is published for the first time to the public, it is both a scientific and an aesthetic book that claims to get Robert Mathieu’s work more widely known to the neophytes as well as the knowing collectors. It enlightens thus a bit more that prosperous period known by the decorative arts during the three post-war decades.

The first French designerss publishings

Robert Mathieu, rational lights is the first release of Pascal Cuisinier publishings. It is born from Pascal Cuisinier’s wish, who is also known to be the eponymous gallery’s owner famous for its first French designers’s expertise, to boost art research and to publish fine books.