PAD Paris 2015

15/10/2015 - 29/10/2015

Extremely rare creations – for the majority, less than five examples in the world – such as the exceptional Prestige desk of Joseph-André Motte, the only existing model known today.

The gallery presented a pair of Hexagone armchairs by Michel Mortier, of which only two have been identified to still exist, as is true for the Amphora lamp in blue rotaflex by Joseph-André Motte.

Also presented on the booth, the two beautiful works, the N10517 lamp by Michel Mortier, and the very rareModule 400 made in aluminium by Roger Tallon, one of the only examples known of other than those in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. 

Finally, the gallery unveil for the first time to the public two exceptional creations by Mathieu Matégot, made for his personal apartment: a sideboard shaped for his living room and armchair from his office.

In the illuminated white cube booth, the sober and elegant scenography has been carefully considered as a way of presenting each piece in their own right, for their individual rarity and exceptionality and not as a simple object of decoration.

With such pieces Galerie Pascal Cuisinier presents a museum-standard selection, essential to explain these rare examples of French design from the 50s and 60s. !