The Salon Art + Design 2016

New York

10/11/2016 - 14/11/2016

For its first participation at the Salon Art + Design in New-York, the Gallery Pascal Cuisinier honours the French post-war creation and features the most beautiful pieces created by the first French designers in the 1950’s as well as the mythical sconce G25 by Pierre Guariche and his unique child desk or even a pair of minimalist sideboards designed by Antoine Philippon and Jacqueline Lecoq in 1958. It will also present some of the most significant pieces of Pierre Paulin’s exhibition at the Georges Pompidou Centre (Paris).

Following the Second World War, there is an important growth – the Trente Glorieuses – in France which is favourable toinnovations in many fields and particularly in the creation’s one.
As the decorative arts, a young generation of talented designers strives to champion a radically modern and rationalistconception of the furniture by creating models destined to series despite the public’s reluctance still traditionalist. Thanks to its tenacity, its creativity and its ingenuity, this passionate group forges a status of the designer’s nascent profession and makes its mark on the French design history.

Pascal Cuisinier will gather at the Salon Art + Design some of the most outstanding models created and edited in the1950’s: lightings, seating and furniture. This set of emblematic pieces, among the rarest on the market such as the lampM3 by Michel Mortier or even the lamp G60 by Pierre Guariche, exemplify a new aesthetic defended by Motte, Monpoixand others colleagues now recognized as the most renowned French designers of this period.

Their creations – typical of the French decorative arts’s quality – are characterised by their sobriety, the rigour of their design and proportions, their elegance and also a great formal creativity. However they are still functional so comfortable or with a dual-use as illustrate the adjustable child desk 144 by Pierre Guariche, the open lighting low table by Joseph- André Motte, or even the convertible sofa AR-1 by the duet Janine Abraham & Dirk Jan Rol.

Among this collection, some of the representative models of Pierre Paulin’s work, will be exceptionally featured to the New Yorker public including the sofa 119, the rare low table 119 designed for the French producer Meubles TV in 1953 or even the desk CM193 for Thonet France. These rare pieces are part of the fifteen that the gallery has recently lentto the National Modern Art Museum – Georges Pompidou Centre at the occasion of the retrospective devoted to thefamous creator the last six months.